Ruggedman claims the Anti kidnapping Squad that allegedly assaulted businesswoman, Miz Nwanneka weeks ago were at a Lekki hotel doing same to other innocent citizens

Ruggedman took to Twitter late Wednesay night to allege that the Anti kidnapping Squad who allegedly attacked businesswoman, Miz Nwanneka Nkumah a few weeks ago were at a Lekki hotel “harassing and extorting” other innocent citizens.
Miz Nwanneka ended up admitted in a hospital following the assault on her (read here).
Less than a month after the incident, Ruggedman issued a “safety alert” to warn Nigerians that the men were out allegedly “harassing” Nigerians again.
He tweeted: “I just got a call that the same Anti kidnapping Squad that assaulted a miss Nwanneka a few weeks ago are right now on Orchid Hotel road lekki, after 2nd toll gate doing the same thing to innocent citizens.”
He added: “SAFETY ALERT: Since these men wont protect us, let’s look out for ourselves.”

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