Samuel L. Jackson Claims Gabonese Roots

The actor Samuel L. Jackson, who claims the Benga ethnic group, met Ali Bongo Ondimba during a trip to Libreville. A trip also professional, since the star is working on a series dedicated to slavery.

The actor Samuel L. Jackson received on August 1 a Gabonese passport from the hands of Alain Claude Bilie-By-Nze, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The American, who claims the Benga ethnic group, does not hold the Gabonese nationality. He is the first star to answer the call for return that Ali Bongo Ondimba launched in 2017 to the address of afro-descendants.

In Libreville, where he was staying at the Radisson Hotel, the actor met the president on July 25 at his residence in La Sablière, where a dinner was organized. Jackson, who left Gabon for Ghana on Aug. 2, is working on Enslaved, a six-episode series on the history of slavery, of which he is executive producer.

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