Former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland could face year in jail and ?18k fine after breaching Barbados Covid-19 laws

Former Miss Great Britain and television show ‘Love Island’ star, Zara Holland is set to appear in court in Barbados on Wednesday, January 6, as she faces charges after breaching Covid-19 laws in the country.

Zara, 25, could be fined up to £18,000 and jailed for a year according to reports.

She and boyfriend Elliott Love, 30, were arrested by police at the Barbados airport as they tried to escape from the country after he tested positive to the virus.

Reports now say Barbados  has had a surge of 200 new cases of the virus in the past two days, with 33 linked to the airport from which Zara and Elliot tried to leave.

Her court case comes a week after a fellow tourist was jailed for six months for a similar breach.

On Sunday night, January 3, Love remained at Barbados’ quarantine centre. The couple had been staying at the £300-a-night beachfront Sugar Bay resort.


More than 800 people, mainly islanders, have signed a petition demanding the pair be thrown in jail.

The petition reads: “They undermined the huge amount of work that had been done to suppress community transmission and they didn’t just risk the livelihoods of Bajans, they risked their lives.

“If one single person dies as a result of their selfish and cowardly actions, then they should be charged with murder. Either way, we strongly believe they should receive a custodial sentence, either in Barbados or the UK, for wantonly endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”


People who signed the petition labelled the couple “selfish”.

Zara had been visiting the Caribbean island for many years and was yesterday confined to her hotel room. 

She told island newspaper Barbados Today: “I would never do anything to jeopardise an entire nation that I have nothing but love and respect for.”

She said: “I firstly wish to apologise to the entire country of Barbados for what has been a massive mix up and misunderstanding during my most recent stay.”

Zara added: “I am currently working closely with the local authorities to rectify any issues on my part and will issue an update and full statement which I think is the only right thing to do to the Government and citizens of Barbados.”

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