I have no idea if hers is a nebuliser or oxygen but in the UK many people have received oxygen in this way. I don’t know why you belive she is lying, maybe you know her to be a lier. But a personal person who died from complications of CORONA in London last year was texting us and talking to us and she sounded perfectly normal because she was receiving oxygen and in this way, but she wasn’t getting better without the oxygen and so she was put in intensive care and that was the end, but I swear she sounded normal and belived she was fine, she told us to not worry. If you’re receiving enough then you can sound and do anything from your bed whilst you’re regaining your strength. And maybe she does have Astma or another problem that’s causing her to need the hospital, apparently this new strain is making younger people very ill too. Just all pray you don’t have to have oxygen to treat an invisible illness and pray no one needs ICU instead of doubting everyone and beliving the the government has them to promote it. We definitely belive its real in the UK, our issues now is how it’s been dealt with and getting through another lockdown. Just stay safe and do your part.

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