Man donated kidney to his girlfriend’s mother only for her…

gistportal January 22, 2022
Updated 2022/03/19 at 2:24 PM
Man donated kidney to his girlfriend’s mother only for her…

A man donated his kidney to his girlfriend’s but the girlfriend ended up marrying someone else a month later.


Uziel Martínez, a teacher from Mexico, made a series of recounting the sad experience.


The resident of Baja California, Mexico, took to TikTok to narrate how he donated his kidney to his ex-girlfriend’s mother.


His girlfriend left him not long after and married someone else within a month of their break-up.


Man donated kidney to his girlfriend?s mother only for her to marry someone else a month later


Martinez’s has now gone viral as people sympathise with him.


Reacting to the of support he received, he assured people that he is doing well, both mentally and physically. He added that he is also recovering well from a kidney transplant.


He insisted that he does not hold any grudge against his ex-girlfriend despite the heartbreak.


He told Mexico Daily News: “I don’t have anything against her … we’re not friends but we don’t hate each other. I only made the video for TikTok, I didn’t think it would get out of control”.

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