Talk show host and Miss South Africa 2020 judge, Anele Mdoda has narrated how she escaped from a trafficking syndicate in a Cape Town hotel.

Recounting how it happened, Mdoda said some unknown men entered her hotel room with their own keys in a bid to allegedly take her away. She disclosed that the men had a heated exchange with her designer as she wasn’t in the room at that time.

Asides insinuating that the incident occurred after she arrived the city for the pageantry, Mdoda further noted that the men were not foreigners.

She tweeted;

“There is some dodgy shit going down in this Cape Town when it comes to human trafficking. I’m literally wanting footage from my hotel over two men barging into my room, with THEIR own key.

“Also it was not foreigners and I was luckily not in my room. My designer was there and had a VERY weird exchange with them before they scurried out. Very very strange. I want answers.”

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