NFHSS leaders arrested after a lady’s dyed hair was shaved by their officers in Benue State .

The Benue State Police Command has arrested leaders of Hunters and Forest Guards who [email protected] shaved a young woman’s on the streets of Makurdi, the state capital.

Recall that the security outfit whose duty it is to protect the lives of farmers in the state following repeated [email protected] by bandits, stopped the lady who had a gold-tinted hair while she was on a motorcycle, made her sit on the floor, and then shaved her hair as seen in a .

Four leaders of the group were arrested  for breach of security in state on the order of Governor Samuel Ortom following an outcry on . Those arrested include Ajonye Peter, State Commandant, Leva Luther, Deputy Commandant, Jov Peter Charles, Admin Officer and Godwin Adinya, State Adviser.

The Governor distanced himself and administration from the activities of the illegal organisation, saying “they are not an agency of the state government.” He maintained that the state government has no relationship with the Hunters security outfit and will not in anyway condone their operations in the state.

“The Hunters and Forest Security Guards is not a creation of the Benue State Government and we absolutely do not have any relationship with it in whatever form. As the Chief Security Officer of the State, I am appalled by the unlawful acts of these people and I condemn this in unequivocal terms and state categorically that my government has nothing to do with this group and its actions,” Ortom stated.

“I have repeatedly maintained that i will never allow criminals take over the state. Benue citizens are law-abiding and we cannot allow illegal bodies to and hara$s people here.” he maintained.

The Governor charged the police to properly investigate those involved in the act and ensure that justice is done in order to serve as a deterrent to other persons or groups that may want to take laws into their hands to visit mayhem on innocent citizens.

NB: We can’t post the FULL VIDEO here due to IG guidelines. However, you can click on the link in our bio to watch it.


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