Nigeria becoming one-party country, PDP weak opposition – Eedris Abdulkareem


Nigerian legend, Eedris Abdulkareen has said that Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari is bming a one-party country.

Eedris said this while speaking on the massive defection to the ruling party, the All Progressives , APC in the past few days.

According to him, Nigeria in 2023 may bme a one-party country as the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has lost its relevance and cannot be rgnized as a strong opposition party.

Eedris said this during an with DAILY .

Nigerians in chains, Buhari a tyrant – Eedris Abdulkareem

He said: “Those in this government are tired of all that is happening but these defections have made things worse. Those decamping to APC are prostitutes.

“It looks like the country is going to a one-party system, which is sad. PDP is not in a good position for an opposition party and thereby poses no threat.

“For the third force, I don’t see that being possible before 2023.”

On youths iuencing a change in Buhari’s regime, Idris noted that the President is a tyrant who does not listen to the youths hence would not allow a change under his tenure.

Making reference to the EndSARS protest in October 2020, Eedris said the President’s reaction at that time shows he’s a tyrant who does not believe in carrying the youths along but will turn deaf ears to the cry of the youths.

“The EndSARS protest would have been a successful one, but the President does not listen to the youths.

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“Although the is for the youths and they are nological intelligent but the President is not carrying them along. They are complaining but he’s not listening or talking to them. That shows he’s a tyrant.

“Agitators have being named terrorists while the real terrrorists are being empowered under this government.

“I believe and support those agitating because the sidelining of tribes in this government is just too much.

“ This government rather than listen to agitators and provide solution to their problems are tagging them as terrorists,” Eedris concluded.

When asked about the agitation for a Yoruba nation, restructuring, Idris said he’s a believer of one Nigeria.

“I’m a Nigerian, I love this country so much. I intentional make all my inspiring about Nigeria from Mr lecturer to Jagajaga,” he added.

Nigeria bming one-party country, PDP weak opposition – Eedris Abdulkareem

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