Oko Iyabo: Why I used Iyabo Ojo, Princess’s names in my movie – Yomi Fabiyi


Actor Yomi Fabiyi has said that nobody banned his controversial movie, Oko Iyabo.

Fabiyi in his movie ‘Oko Iyabo’ employed a storyline making reference to Baba Ijesha’s rape saga.

Fabiyi, who claimed he pulled the movie from Youtube, said he used Iyabo Ojo and Princess’s real names because they mentioned his name in their and it is allowed in .

The actor, who had come under attack for releasing the movie, admitted that the movie is about him and ‘Iyabo’.

He stressed that he has a right to his own story, noting that he never undermined the victim or any girl child.

He explained that Nigerians ‘twisted’ the movie to get reactions from the public.

Fabiyi wrote on Instagram, ”Iyabo Ojo has done many mentioning my full names and the were published in YouTube, IG etc. simply because I stand for human rights, so also princess mentioned my real name.

”They called me pedophile and rape apologist for standing by what is right. So sentiment on use of real names . It is allowed in movie making

”I hand you all to your consciences and God.No amount of all these can pull me down.

”AND NOBODY BANNED MY MOVIE. We private it deliberately just to give room for calm. At some point OKO IYABO MOVIE will be released on DVD, YouTube and others. You can’t abort an already born baby.

”The movie has enough message.”

Oko Iyabo: Why I used Iyabo Ojo, Princess’s names in my movie – Yomi Fabiyi

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