Show Promoters BaddyOosha, OlofinSniper, MillyHussle, others allegedly arrested for [email protected] and dr#g sm#ggling in Dubai

August 21st, 2022
Show Promoters BaddyOosha, OlofinSniper, MillyHussle, others allegedly arrested for fr@ud and dr#g sm#ggling in Dubai

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Some Dubai-based Nigerian show promoters have allegedly been arrested by security operatives in UAE for alleged [email protected] and dr#gsm#ggling.

The suspects arrested include, Badmus Akeem aka Baddy Oosha, Milly Hussle, Obinna Anozie the CEO of ThebossDubai club and Olofin Sniper. It is alleged that their accomplices were also arrested by the security operatives.

However, there isn’t any official statement by the Dubai authorities concerning their arrest, It is reported that the arrest happened few days ago. Comments on the pages of the aforementioned indicate that the arrest actually happened.

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