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Sound Sultan: RMD, Funke Akindele, Nigerian celebrities mourn Mr. Jagbajantis



Screenshot 20210711 104356 Instagram

The Nigerian industry has been thrown into mourning following the death of Sound Sultan.

Sound Sultan died at age 44 after he battled with Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma.

Fellow entertainers such as Richard Mofe Damijo, e Akindele, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and others have paid their tributes to the late talented singer.

@Kate Henshaw wrote “I have never called on you that you have said No to my request and vice versa.You show up every blessed time and on time too! I know Allah will receive you because you gave of yourself every single time, no questions asked.MY ANCESTOR, we joked about how you never aged a day all these years.Rest on my dear friend and brother.”

@RMD “Did you know when you wished me happy birthday three days earlier than usual that you won’t have the strength to do it a day later?Words would never be enough my brother.Love you men!

@Tems “Legend and an inspiration. Rest on Sound Sultan

@Peruzzi “Rest in peace Sound Sultan. Naija Ninja with the vibes.”

@Sarkodie “Big shock, Rest well brother.”

@Ebuka “This is so heartbreaking, Literally the nicest human being you’ll ever meet. Goodness me. He would have loved this Nigeria win over America so much.True head.”

@e Akindele “O dun mi o!! Ha o dun mi!! Lanre, ha!! Eleyi dun mi!! Sun re ore mi. Bi mo se soju e, ma se eyin re. Oluwa a duro ti Iyawo ati awon omo e!! Oluwa a pa gbogbo asise e re! Inu mi baje!! Kai!

@UcheJumbo “ Sound Sultan is truly gone, May God give his family, friends and fans the grace to bear this.”

@Femi Kuti “I am shocked and SAD at the passing of Sound Sultan ( HE IS FAMILY ) I pray our Creator gives his family strength at this time. RIP Sound Sultan.”

@FrankEdoho “ The nicest, most humble and talented person you could ever know.
Sound Sultan! Rest in peace.”

@MrMacaroni “ Everybody, Oya o join Jagbajantis, solve mathematics, wey dey dabaru our continent.Rest In Peace Sound Sultan!

@Kemismallz “ RIP sound sultan . The kindest man.All my love and condolences to his family.”

Sound Sultan: RMD, e Akindele, Nigerian mourn Mr. Jagbajantis

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Top 10 Online Training Software in 2021



online training software

Continuous employee training and development is critical for the success of every company, regardless of its niche.
It’s a small investment that can help you close the skills gap, develop the right talent in-, improve employee morale, decrease employee turnover, and boost your revenue.
Companies that invest in employee training can see an increase in their profit margins by 24%, on average.
Employee training used to be a hefty investment that even larger companies struggled with, but today, it has become accessible to es of all sizes. This is primarily due to the advances in online training software.
Sophisticated training tools enable enterprises to create courses on any topic and deliver them to their employees wherever they are.
You don’t have to cover the costs of building a classroom, hiring private tutors and instructors, or sending your employees to out-of-town seminars.
You can develop comprehensive training plans and curriculums with ease. You just have to find the right software.
1. ProProfs Training Maker
ProProfs Training Maker is a sophisticated cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that enables you to create professional employee training courses in no time.
It requires no previous coding or programming knowledge as its drag-and-drop options allow you to import any file or document with a single click.
Your courses are fully customizable. You can enrich them with your logo and branding, embed media, create tests and quizzes, add customized feedback, and more.
ProProfs automates processes like grading, enables synchronous and asynchronous learning, supports personalized learning paths, and features an abundance of gamification elements that’ll make your courses engaging.
This online training software features a premium course library and dozens of valuable integrations. It’s mobile-optimized and supports 70+ languages, making it ideal for international es.
2. Docebo
Docebo is an AI-based LMS that’s becoming increasingly popular in and education.
It boasts a vast library of hundreds of pre-made courses you can buy and deploy in your place, with topics covering everything from sales to compliance and marketing.
If you’d prefer to create your own learning content with Docebo, there’s a slight learning curve, but nothing that should discourage you from giving it a try. The more you use the platform, the easier it becomes.
This online training software offers a flexible pricing plan that’s designed to meet your changing needs. You can quickly scale up or down at any moment.
3. SkyPrep
SkyPrep enjoys thousands of satisfied users across industries and niches. It’s a simple solution that makes employee training a breeze.
It’s user-friendly and perfect for your internal, external, and compliance training needs.
With a few clicks, you can set up a full-blown virtual classroom and present learning materials in an engaging, immersive way to improve performance and productivity.
You can develop personalized learning paths by linking individual courses. You can add gamification elements, create surveys, tests, and quizzes, and more.
4. Lessonly
Lessonly is designed to make training and employee onboarding as simple as possible. It boasts a variety of different features that will keep all learners engaged throughout the whole process.
What makes Lessonly stand out as one of the top online training software solutions is its module known as Practice.
It allows you to create real-life scenarios and situations where your employees can practice their skills and ly gained knowledge.
This training tool supports automated grading and ing, so you’ll get an excellent overview of how your employees perform.
5. TalentLMS
TalentLMS is a fantastic tool for taking your employee training to a level. It’s completely streamlined and enables users to create comprehensive courses quickly and painlessly.
Its intuitive design and enabling features are easy to get accustomed to, and the solution entails virtually no learning curve.
As soon as you start using it, you’ll feel like an experienced professional.
TalentLMS covers all the bases and provides you with all the essential functions to simplify your course creation process.
The online training software is best suited for small and medium-sized es with great expansion plans.
6. Mindflash
Mindflash can be an excellent tool for those who need to take productivity levels in the place up a notch.
It’s suitable for es of all sizes as it’s easily scalable to accommodate the needs of unique teams and departments.
It boasts an intuitive course creator that enables you to use any existing learning materials you may have. Of course, you can also create brand content within the platform.
The best part about Mindflash is its ing feature. You’ll receive custom automated s on groups and individuals and gain insight into how your learners are progressing.
7. Litmos
Litmos is a versatile training software fit for standard employee training during the onboarding process or for more specialized skill-building purposes.
It has advanced features that allow you to create professional courses on any topic. You can embed media of all types – , images, GIFs, PDFs, and more. You can enrich your courses with s, customized logos, and gamification elements.
Create customized completion certificates, enjoy insightful s and analytics, and improve productivity with comprehensive employee training.
8. BizLibrary
BizLibrary brings some powerful features that can have a significant impact on your employees’ knowledge retention rates.
It has all the standard functionality, enabling you to create custom courses with ease. In case you need to invest in employee training but don’t have time to build courses, you can use its extensive library.
BizLibrary features all-encompassing on-demand learning materials with video-based lessons that your learners will love.
To improve knowledge retention, BizLibrary automatically sends quizzes and tests, reflective questions, polls, and more to learners that encourage knowledge recall.
9. WizIQ
WizIQ is a virtual classroom software that promotes remote learning wherever employees are located. It’s mobile-friendly and optimized for all devices, leaving no excuse for skipping lessons.
You can rely on WizIQ’s course templates to develop comprehensive, logical courses divided into smaller lessons that encourage microlearning.
Due to its virtual classroom capabilities, WizIQ is an excellent solution for synchronous, remote learning. Access an interactive whiteboard, advanced video-conferencing tools, recording features, discussion board, and live chats.
10. Articulate
Articulate is one of the most popular online training software systems out there. It is easy, full-, and cost-effective and this makes it an ideal choice for enterprises of all sizes and in all industries.
Articulate 360 and Rise are its two flagship products that enable users to create, manage, and track eLearning courses easily. Quality webinars, sophisticated tools, and excellent support are a few of the highlights of this training software.
The platform supports custom LMS integrations, including third-party APIs.
Which Online Training Software Are You Choosing?
Finding the right online training software can take some trial and error. Powerful solutions are abundant, but it’s up to you to find out which one suits your needs best.
So, it’s usually in your best interest to give a few of these solutions a try. Test them out and see which one is the right choice for your company.
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“The only thing Christ punished for being fruitless was a tree” – Daddy Freeze to Pastor Oyedepo



Daddy Freeze 2

OAP and leader of the Free the Sheeple Movement, Daddy Freeze has disagreed with Bishop David Oyedepo for the reasons he gave over the dismissal of about 40 pastors from Winners Chapel.

DAILY had ed that a Winners Pastor, identified as Peter Godwin, alleged that he and 40 other pastors were sacked for underperforming.

Reacting, on Wednesday, Oyedepo said the only criteria for their sack was how many souls they won in the church.

Oyedepo maintained that the pastors were sacked because they were unfruitful.

In a reaction, Freeze in a via his Instagram account, pointed out that the only thing Christ categorized as being unfruitful was a tree.

He wrote, “Matthew 21:19, International Version.

“Seeing a fig tree by the road, he went up to it but found nothing on it except leaves.

“Then he said to it, “May you never bear fruit again!” Immediately the tree withered.”

“The only thing Christ punished for being fruitless was a tree” – Daddy Freeze to Pastor Oyedepo

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“If I pay you tithe, you’re accountable to me” – Actress Amanda Ebeye tells pastors



Amanda Ebeye

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye has urged Nigerian pastors to stop using God to deceive people.

In a via her Instagram story on Friday the actress stated that pastors should be accountable to members who pay tithes and ings to them.

She further noted that pastors have to start explaining to their members when they buy certain things, especially luxury possessions, like and private jets, else the possession should be co-owned by the pastors and the members.

She asked men of God to stop deceiving members by claiming the money is for God because he doesn’t come down to spend the money with them.

Pastor Kumuyi vows to return tithes, ings of sinful Deeper Life members

“As long as you’re my pastor and I pay you tithe, ing, you are accountable to me.

“Don’t tell me the money is for God because God doesn’t come down to spend the money.

“You buy a Ferrari, you tell me why or else it bmes our own.

“You buy a private jet, you tell me why or it is for both of us.Don’t use God to deceive people.

“God sent you to provide service to his people not to enrich your pockets, she wrote.

“If I pay you tithe, you’re accountable to me” – Actress Amanda Ebeye tells pastors

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