Watch scary moment a kid who was swimming with his friends…


1 of them or all could be dead, b4 u come 4 me do ur research on hippopotamus. God created hippos to checkmate things, dey re d John Wick of d animal kingdom. We think lions nd co re d scariest, but hippos kill more humans than all in d jungle combined together. Baby hippos re d most disrespectful creatures on , dey will walk up to full grown crocodiles as in d boss croc nd violate it how it pleases cus if he do anyhow he knows d mumcy will rip him into 2. And no human can out run or out swim a hippo. It’s impossible cus d human can’t take d stress. So if d kids survived it means d hippo didn’t feel like going on a killing spree. P.S: hippos have killed their own kids for not walking fast enough

this! 3

this! 3



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